A Subjective Mapping Tool

Conceived + Designed by Mark Samsonovich

Wondr allows people to define pins on maps through a subjective lens, like #beautiful or #romanticplaces. Imagine being able to discover your favorite chef's favorite places to get cheap eats. And, since you're in the area, maybe go visit the restaurant where the iconic scene of Kill Bill was filmed.

While traditional mapping software is only focused on objective locations, like businesses and venues, Wondr allows users to explore the world through the lens of people they trust, like friends and influencers. You can create and discover previously unestablished locations based on unique ways of defining a specific point. Whether its a funny sticker on a street pole or an existing institution, the photos on our phones have already mapped the world from our own point of view - Wondr just allows you to share it.

Here's a demo of the MPV:

For inquiries regarding this project, email Mark@Samsonovich.com