Artisanal, Master-Craft Goods

by Mark Samsonovich

Box Sets & Print Collections

Years of printmaking and travel photography by artist Mark Samsonovich come together in a custom-built dovetail joinery box. Easily rotate your favorite prints throughout the year without having to re-frame simply by lifting the cover and replacing the top print. Display Cases are also wall-mountable, making for a sophisticated presentation of art.

Aroma Design Your Home

Samsonovich introduces 4 all-natural essential oil home fragrances and a line of unique diffusers intended to turn your home into a sophisticated journey of scent.

Wall Mounted Vase for Dried Flowers + Reed Diffuser

There is something subtilely profound about a room surrounded by flowers. It's hard to avoid using cliche's to describe the feeling, but the truth is, having a few of these in each room gives the body and mind a feeling of being amongst well-needed nature. 

Candle Stick Holder + Essential Oil Diffuser

Sometimes analogue ritual is just what we need to feel cozy and settled. Whether you're at your desk, in bed with a partner, or warming up to a good book, this diffuser and unscented candle is a healthy alternative to chemically-scented candles. Simply place a few drops of the 100% all natural oil on the cedar ball and enjoy. 

Phone Stand & Vase For Dried Flowers + Reed Diffuser

Most of the tech accessories out there somehow compromise our nostalgic feelings of home. This phone stand with dried flowers looks like a minimalist vase on your table, desk, or nightstand when not in use. It's a way of keeping your tech-centric surfaces aligned to the aesthetic principles that make a place more inviting, sacred, and natural.

Wall Mounted Shelf with Vase for Dried Flowers + Reed Diffuser

May you be greeted with beautiful flowers and a delicate, sophisticated scent. An entryway shelf and key holder that features a vase for dried flowers and reeds diffusing one of our 4 essential oil home fragrances.

Reed Diffuser with Dried Flowers

Fragrances 001-004 are designed to compliment each other and work harmoniously throughout your environment. Place aroma diffusers at key locations in your space to create a sophisticated experience of aroma.